First, she let fans choose her first single, through an exclusive poll right here on The Boot. Now, Jennette McCurdy is letting fans make their own music video for the song they chose, 'Not That Far Away.'

You can put personal touches on the 18-year-old's debut music video by visiting, uploading a few photos and filling in just a few lines of information, including your favorite food. Then, your customized video pops up on the screen, and you can embed it on your own website or email it to friends.

"I hope you'll send it to your friends and family and say, 'Hey, this is Jennette McCurdy's video for 'Not That Far Away' done MY way!" Jennette says in a message to fans. "My fans are the best and I wanted to give them a way to be part of my first music video."

'Not That Far Away' is the title track from Jennette's new EP on Capitol Records Nashville.

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