Jeffrey Steele has been striving to be a recording artist while other singers have been having hits with his tunes. All that could change this week, as Steele releases three albums, one with all new original songs on it.

"As a guy who is a writer who's been trying to get his songs out as a singer for so long and never been able to really do it, I'm just happy it's happening," Steele tells The Boot. "I'm really blessed."

The albums – 'Countrypolitan,' 'Hell on Wheels' and 'Greatest Hits Vol. II' – are available at Best Buy, among other major retailers. In fact, it was someone from Best Buy who approached Jeffrey about releasing the trio of his work.

"Someone from Best Buy saw me sing an original song on 'Nashville Star" and contacted me," he recalls. "They wanted to get involved in distributing my records."

Steele was already working on three different projects, so the folks at Best Buy decided to release them as a package deal. The great part was that they did not ask for an exclusive -- they also found the singer/songwriter additional distribution for the discs.

The albums are pretty diverse. 'Hell on Wheels' is all new songs by Steele that have not been recorded. 'Greatest Hits Vol. II' includes Steele's hits first by other folks-- Rascal Flatts' 'My Wish' and 'What Hurts the Most' alongside Montgomery Gentry's 'Something to be Proud Of' and 'My Town.' The last of the three, 'Countrypolitan,' includes Jeffrey's rendition of several country classics, including Charlie Rich's 'Behind Closed Doors,' Ray Price's 'For The Good Times' and Willie Nelson's 'Night Life.'

"This is the music I loved growing up, so I did 'Countrypolitan' as a tribute to the singers and songwriters I loved," says the Grammy-winning musician. "So there are three different records, all in one package. It's kind of like going to see me live -- it's a lot of music coming out at once."

As if three albums in one week isn't enough to boost his career, Steele has bragging rights on another release coming out November 21. He and Miley Cyrus wrote the title song for the animated movie, 'Bolt.'

"The Disney folks told her they wanted to bring in one of the regular writers but Miley told them she wanted to write with me. They checked me out, came to town and met with me and everything.

"I've known Miley all her life, so it was a real honor for her to ask that and get together with me. We wrote a great song; she's a great songwriter. I think it's gonna do great for her. There's a video out with her and John is singing background on it. And it's a whole new direction for me, getting back to Hollywood , which is where I was born. I'm getting to go back there now and get involved in whole lot of movie projects, and just get my music out there."

Steele's albums are available at Best Buy and other retail outlets, as well as online. 'Bolt' hits theaters on November 21.