When hit songwriters Doug Johnson, Kim Williams and country music legend Charlie Daniels wrote 'God Save Us All From Religion,' they knew they had penned something powerful.

With lines like "We've got the Jews and the Muslims, the Isms and the Wasums / And ten thousand flavors of Christians / God save us all from religion," the song's strong message might have turned some off. It turned out to be exactly what Michigan-based artist Jay Jolley wanted to record.

"There's a lot of times when I wouldn't say what I was thinking," Jolley notes, "but at this time, I really, really felt that people should be thinking -- thinking about how we should get people together. Stop the hatred. Stop the heartache." Jolley believes in the track so much that he has released it as his new single.

He admits the song is a stretch, even for him. "It's not the type of song I ever really envisioned myself recording," Jolley says. "But when I heard it I knew it was just a huge song with a timely and powerful message. I hope the writers feel I did it justice."

'God Save Us All From Religion' was also recorded by the Charlie Daniels Band, along with guest vocalist Marty Stuart, on their 2007 'Deuces' album.

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