Although Jason Michael Carroll didn't write his new single, 'Hurry Home,' the song, about inviting someone who has run away from home to return, reminds him of a very personal and painful family situation.

"My mom's older sister, my Aunt Jean, ran away when I was two, from an abusive husband," Jason told Michigan radio station B93. I remember for 16 years of my life we prayed for her. Every night we said our prayers, and my mom would tag each prayer with, 'Please be with Aunt Jean wherever she's at.'"

During a Christmas gathering at his grandmother's house, Jason recalls, the phone rang, "I answered it. The lady asked to speak to my grandmother ... about halfway through that conversation we realized she was speaking to her daughter that she hadn't spoken to in 16 years."

Grateful for the happy ending, Jason hopes 'Hurry Home' speaks to others as much as it did to him. "It's kind of a connection to my past," he says.