Jason AldeanJason Aldean watches his two daughters - Keeley, 6, and Kendyl, 2 - grow older and says that with each year the holidays are getting better and better. This Thanksgiving, Jason will once again join forces with Tracy Lawrence for Tracy's annual Turkey Fry in Nashville, to help feed the homeless.

For Jason, the holidays are a time to stick to all-American traditions. "We usually go out and fry a couple of turkeys at my house," Jason tells The Boot. "Then we watch some football games."

Jason even has his own man-cave at home to indulge his sports-viewing habit.

"In my house I've got a room that's sort of my game room or sports room," says the singer. "I go and watch football and baseball in there. I have a bunch of sports stuff in [there]. It's got the whole vibe going ... I have a lot of Georgia Bulldog stuff, baseball stuff and football jerseys from guys who I know who play and who've been out to the shows and things like that. I like getting jerseys and having them framed. I've got all of those in my room with a bunch of Georgia Bulldog helmets and stuff signed by the players and coaches. I'm into all that."

Jason's latest video for 'The Truth' premieres on CMT this week. Last night, he performed his multi-week No. 1 hit, 'Big Green Tractor,' on the CMA Awards telecast.