Jason Aldean's love of country music began early -- very early. The singer recalls his first concert experience when he was only four years old, which left an indelible mark on him.

"The first concert I ever went to was Kenny Rogers and the Gatlin Brothers," Aldean tells CMT. "I was a big fan of Kenny Rogers, but I was a big fan of the song 'All the Gold in California' by the Gatlins. So my mom took me to see them at the Macon Coliseum."

Even though he was so young, the 'Night Train' singer says the show left a lasting impression on him. "I just remember sitting way up in the nosebleeds on the side, and they look like little ants down there," he says. "But it was the first show I ever went to, and I obviously had a love for music at an early age. I think my parents knew that."

The Georgia native says the experience was a rare treat for him. "As a kid, I didn't get a chance to do a lot of that stuff, as a little kid," he explains. "So, I mean, for us to go to a concert like that? That was a big deal."

The show was a dream come true for the young boy, even though he didn't realize how much that experience would shape the rest of his life. "My mom said I just kept asking were if they were real because I was probably four or five years old," he recalls. "I remember hearing them sing and I remember where I was sitting and the view I had, but I was pretty young."

Chances are, Aldean has several young fans in his shows each night who will grow up to remember the impact his show had on them as well. He will continue his Night Train tour this week with shows in Arizona, California and Nevada. See a complete list of his upcoming concerts here.