Jason Aldean and his wife, Jessica, have an illuminating Christmas Eve tradition they share with their daughters, Keeley (7) and Kendyl (3). They jump in the car and take the kids around to look at Christmas lights, just like Jason did when he was a kid.

"We always try to find a cool area where there's a lot of lights for them to go look at," the singer explained to Lon Helton when he co-hosted CMT's 'Country Countdown USA' radio show. "We'll drive around a while and let them check that out, come home, then, my wife and my mom will bake some cookies for Santa Claus.

"I make my wife cook me my favorite thing to eat, and I only get them at Christmas -- sausage balls, which for some people may sound disgusting, but it's sausage and cheese and they are insanely good! You don't have to get me any presents, just make me those and I'm a happy man."

But making his kids happy is what's most important to Jason. "My favorite Christmas memory with my kids is probably last year," he recalls. "My youngest daughter was old enough to get what was going on, and she came in and saw what Santa Claus had brought them, and her mouth just dropped open. She didn't know what to do. It was the first year that both of my girls were old enough to get it. It was pretty cool just to see them come around the corner and see their faces when they saw all that stuff. They are seven and three. That's what it's all about right there."

Jason and Jessica are creating priceless holiday memories for their children, but does he remember the best Christmas from his childhood? "I was into wrestling really big when I was younger," he tells The Boot. "I remember waking up one Christmas and having all these wrestling figures, a wrestling ring and all that stuff. That was really, really cool to me. I was probably about eight. For whatever reason, that's one that stands out."

Jason laughs that he never really had serious wrestling ambitions. "The only problem was, when I graduated high school, I weighed about 155 pounds, so it was not ever going to happen!"

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