To promote her single "I Got the Boy," Jana Kramer is surprising special fans via video chat, and The Boot has exclusive video coverage of Kramer's latest conversation, with a fan named Ashley, from Las Vegas.

This clip is the fourth in a series of videos in which fans explain how Kramer's single relates to them personally. Fans were asked to share their relationship stories using the hashtag #IGotTheBoyStories, and while they're expecting to relate those stories on camera, they're not expecting the country star herself to be the one with whom they're chatting.

"I love to hear people's story about [how] they got the boy or they got the girl or they got the woman, so it's gonna be fun. They have no idea," Kramer shares at the beginning of this newest clip, which you can watch above.

After Kramer fan Ashley gets past her shock over the fact that she's actually speaking with the singer, she begins to share her own romantic tale.

"We met in eighth grade when I moved to Oklahoma and I knew nobody," she recalls of her now-husband. "So I met him at church. We didn't start dating until we were sophomores in high school. I started passing notes to the smartest kid in class, who doesn't usually pass notes to anybody."

The smartest kid in class indeed had a smart head on his shoulders because he didn't let the girl go.

"He decided to go to the Air Force Academy," Ashley explains. "The summer he left, he left June 26. I wrote a stack of letters -- one every day -- to send to him."

During Ashley's beau's time in school, they stayed together -- all four years -- and tied the knot in 2007. Eight years later, they have a brand-new baby, and their time together is at a total of 16 years and counting.

Kramer was impressed and touched by Ashley's story, and she quips, "So you're one of the lucky ones who can say you got the boy and the man."

The two women end their call by talking about Ashley's 7-week-old baby. Kramer's interest in the newborn is clear ... and it may be because she and husband Michael Caussin are expecting their own bundle of joy in early 2016.

“Being a mom will be the greatest job I’ll ever have," Kramer said when she revealed the news about her baby girl. "I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be on this journey with the love of my life.”

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