Jamey JohnsonA black-and-white photograph was the nostalgic centerpiece of Jamey Johnson's Grammy-nominated, ACM and CMA Award-winning Song of the Year, 'In Color' in 2009. And now, Jamey is building upon that feeling with his upcoming album, 'The Guitar Song,' due this summer.

"There will be a white album and a black album," Jamey tells Alabama's Our Prattville magazine (quote via GAC). "There will be more explanations inside the album jackets as to why it is done this way. But basically, it is a little tale that revolves around a yin-yang. As it gets further along, you see how the opening situation evolves into some of these other situations. Each song affects the next, or kind of sets up the next."

Although it remains unclear whether 'The Guitar Song' will be released as a single two-disc album, two simultaneously released CDs or a staggered release of two separate CDs, whichever way Jamey decides to present 'The Guitar Song,' he definitely has the yin-yang approach in mind for the new album.

"It gets dark and dismal [on the black album] and then it shows how on the white album, everything gets better and better until it can't get any better," he explains. "It just keeps going full circle. Each album bleeds into the other without stopping, and so if you put both albums on and hit the repeat button, they play in perpetuity. They never stop."

Jamey will be hitting the road May 14, as part of the Country Throwdown tour, along with Montgomery Gentry, Jack Ingram, Little Big Town, theEli Young Band, Eli Church, the Lost Trailers, Ryan Bingham, Jonathan Singleton, Heidi Newfield and Emily West.

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