Jamey JohnsonJamey Johnson is the first to admit that his unconventional appearance and his penchant for writing and recording hard country songs might scare some people off. But the man who just this week picked up his second CMA Award for Song of the Year has made plenty of friends in the music business. There is however, one friendship Jamey treasures over the rest.

"[My daughter] is pretty much my best friend," Jamey tells GAC in the documentary, 'Introducing Jamey Johnson.' "Of course that's kind of weird to be a 30-something-year-old man and having a 4-year-old for your best friend, but it works for us."

In the few days a year that Jamey is home, his favorite way to spend their father-daughter time is just hanging out around the house.

"My number one favorite thing to do is just stay home and play with [her]," Jamey says. "She has gotten to be such an important part of my life now."

Jamey was recently announced as one of the acts on next year's Country Throwdown tour, along with Montgomery Gentry, Jack Ingram, Little Big Town and more.