Jake Owen doesn't have any tolerance for fighting in his shows, especially when it's a man attacking a woman. The Florida native stopped his concert in Ft. Wayne, Ind. on Thursday night (May 1), to kick out a male concert attendee who hit a female.

“If you’re a man and you touch a woman, you’re a bad human being, man,” he said from the stage, before security whisked both the man and his date, who started the altercation, away from the venue.

The woman who was hit, whose first name is Ashley, says she was just trying to enjoy the first song of Owen's set when the altercation occurred.

"Jake Owen just came out. I was dancing along, singing in the aisle," she recalls to Ft. Wayne radio station K105-FM.

“I think this girl just got really pissed off at me for probably being in her way, and she pretty much grabbed me by my hair, took me to the ground and started dragging me. I put my hands up and this dude that was with her just wailed me in the eye.”

Ashley was with her fiance, who tried to intervene.

"He tried getting her off, and then he saw that guy go at me, so he went after him, and then next thing you know, security's coming," she adds.

Ashley went to the hospital to receive treatment for her injuries.

"There's a scratch on my eye and then I have a little fracture underneath it," she explains. "I can barely see out of it."

Ashley did receive some good news, however. K105-FM is giving her two tickets to another Owen concert, so she and her fiance can finally see the 'Beachin' singer in action.

Owen's Days of Gold tour continues Saturday night (May 3) with a show in Pennsylvania, followed by stops in West Virginia, North Carolina and New Hampshire. See a list of his upcoming shows here.