Jacob Thomas Jr. is set to release his debut album in June.

'Original Sin' is an 11-track solo project produced by J. Alan Morant, and recorded at Creative Artists Studio in Nashville.

Thomas is no newcomer to the music scene. The Nashville-based musician has been the bandleader for Sonia Leigh and a multi-instrumentalist with Uncle Kracker, and he has performed with Eric Church, Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn.

The music on 'Original Sin' draws heavily from Thomas' past. The Lafayette, La., native spent time as a pastor, but was let go for refusing to quit performing in bars. The singer also draws from his experience going through divorce, as well as his struggles with alcohol.

“I found more sense of community in bars than I did during my time in the church," Thomas says in a press release. "I’ve found that bars are more accepting, and in a bar you can be honest about the sh-- in your life ... Music has been the only constant throughout my life.”

The album features a cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way,' featuring guest vocalist Lily Costner.

'Original Sin' will be available through digital outlets on June 17.

Jacob Thomas Jr., 'Original Sin' Track Listing:

1. 'Original Sin'
2. 'Bored With You'
3. 'Justine'
4. 'Drinking Thing'
5. 'Skin & Bone'
6. 'Caroline'
7. 'St. Christopher'
8. 'Big Airplane'
9. 'Go Your Own Way'
10. 'What I Meant To Say'
11. 'Only Love'