After a long day of flying on Thursday, Jack Ingram, Joe Nichols and Kevin Fowler performed a show together in Portland, Ore. Upon arriving at the hotel for check-in, Jack proceeded to his room to find his bed occupied -- by Joe Nichols!

"Just accidentally lived out many women's fantasy -- on accident! Hotel gave me a key and a room. I opened door 2 find Joe Nichols n the bed!!!" Jack tweeted. "Wow! It was never that easy when I was single and walked into other women's room! More creepy than cool! I'll settle 4 u, Joe!!"

Joining in on the Twitter fun, Kevin chimed in, tweeting, "In Portland tonight with @joenichols & @jackingram. Jack just walked in on Joe in a state of undress. All you girls are probably jealous."

After the initial shock wore off, Joe replied with, "Watch out @kevinfowler, @JackIngram might make a stop by your room next!"

Jack eventually got the room situation squared away, getting a key to his own room. On the drive over to their gig, Jack took the opportunity to rib Joe one more time. "I guess he cleans up pretty well!" Jack wrote in a caption for a TwitPic tweet. "Once he got over the initial surprise things went pretty smooth!"

After the show, Jack ended the night with one final tweet, and possibly a warning to Kevin? "What happens in Portland stays in Portland ... You're next Flowers! I mean Fowler!"

Jack continues on tour with shows in Omaha, Neb., and Bloomington, Ill., this weekend. Check more dates and venues here.