Jack Ingram is now a "free" man.

'Free' is actually the title of the Texas native's new single, which is from his current album, 'Big Dreams & High Hopes.' The uptempo tune, which is about embracing the non-material things in life such as "a smile from a friend" and "the sun in the sky," is set to hit country airwaves this week.

"The lyrical content is obviously what's on everybody's mind these days," says Jack. "What's important is all the stuff you don't have to pay for ... they're the sights and sounds that make you forget all your problems. And musically, it just feels like a good day coming on."

Jack adds that he feels like it's "a good start for 2010."

You can hear Jack perform 'Free,' as well as many of his other hits, when he embarks on his Acoustic Motel tour, which kicks off Feb. 13 at Joe's Bar in Chicago, Ill. He has revived the one-man tour concept from years ago when he hit the road by himself, playing small venues. "It's not easy to entertain a room full of people by yourself for a couple of hours, so it really comes down to the songs," Jack explains. "It's a totally different kind of pressure than it is to play a big arena or stadium."

He's excited, though, especially since he's even got a set that looks like an old dingy motel room.

In addition to the solo trek, Jack's also made a New Year's resolution to write one song per week. On his Twitter page, he writes, "Not saying they'll be good -- just done. The only way to get this done will be less TV and more reading."