If you've seen Jack Ingram recently, you might have noticed the dog tags he's sporting around his neck.

Jack explains that he wears a silver tag reading 'Whataburger' as a sign of loyalty to his favorite burger joint in Texas. He acquired the tag at a Red Cross event in Corpus Christi, the town where the first Whataburger restaurant opened in 1950.

"It seemed appropriate to wear," says Ingram. "It brings back memories of playing for burgers and beer back at Adair's in Dallas when I was starting out."

As for the rest of his bling, Ingram says, "I also wear a 'Never Lost' tag, taken from a Hertz rental car, on the chain with a 'Dreams Come True' tag that Sugarland gave me when we toured together. I just thought, as a touring musician, being never lost and staying on course is important. Of course, maybe what I am really trying to convey is that I am never lost on my way to a Whataburger!"

Jack Ingram is currently sharing the stage with Martina McBride on her Waking Up Laughing tour.