Jack IngramAfter releasing his latest album, 'Big Dreams and High Hopes,' Jack Ingram pledged to write a new song every week. The first product of that resolution is a musical tribute to the United States, simply titled 'America.'

The idea for the song came to Jack when he was on tour in the Midwest and couldn't help noting many all-American reminders that make him proud of the nation and its people.

"I was on tour and went for a walk along the Mississippi River in Moline, Illinois. I saw some folks fishing the banks and passed a VFW hall," Jack recalls to American Songwriter magazine. "Most songs with references to America always seem to have such grand messages and huge themes. I was trying to paint a more subtle picture of what it looked like was going on during a normal day in one of the 'fly over' states. I don't fly over these places. I stop and play shows here; a lot of them. I've never written a song about them. I have now."

You can hear Jack Ingram's 'America' on American Songwriter's website.

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