High Valley member Curtis Rempel and his wife Myranda are expecting! The couple will welcome their second child soon, Taste of Country reports: The baby is due in March.

Rempel shared his new baby news with ToC during the 2017 Country Radio Seminar, which took place in Nashville on Feb. 22-24. The couple hasn't learned the sex of their child, though they do have names picked out; however, they're keeping those options a secret.

“We’re counting down," Rempel says. "My wife can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore."

Rempel is one-half of High Valley. The duo's other member is his brother, Brad Rempel, who has two kids of his own, Drew and Cash. Curtis Rempel helped name both of them.

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Cash isn't named after the Man in Black -- rather, Brad's wife Rebekah asked her brother-in-law for name ideas, and he thought Cash sounded like a cool name -- but Drew's name has a country music connection. Brad, Rebekah and Curtis were in the car together one day when Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on My Guitar" came on the radio; in the song, the boy who is the object of Swift's affection is named Drew.

“T. Swift came on, and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s a cool name. How about Drew?'” Curtis Rempel recalls.

“So technically Taylor Swift named my son," Brad Rempel adds, "which is cool."

High Valley released their debut album, Dear Life, in 2016.

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