In his 50 years of show business, Kenny Rogers has played all over the world. During a press conference to launch his most recent Australian tour, the seasoned entertainer recalled one show he performed in his hometown of Las Vegas -- a city known for its celebrity impersonators -- as his own double.

Anxious to see what would happen if he replaced the Kenny impersonator on stage, he told only one person -- the show's Johnny Cash impersonator -- of his plan.

"So I came out, and I forgot what song I did, but after it was all over, everybody was going out and they were signing autographs," the country legend told the Brisbane Times. "I just signed it as Kenny Rogers and this guy came up to me and he said 'I'll tell you one damn thing, you're a hell of a lot better than that real guy.' I was never sure how to take that."

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Rogers is clearly flattered -- and amused -- by the wacky website Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.

"My favorite of all time is 'Chick Magnet Kenny,'" says the married father of five. "He's with some of the ugliest women I've ever seen in my life. Unfortunately though you don't have to look much like Kenny Rogers. You just have to have a beard. There's a black guy on there."

The real Rogers figures he's only likely to take third place in the lookalike competition -- since he had shaved off the cheek sections of his beard to prove a point to his wife who was "worrying too much about whether she should cut her hair short."

The man who gave the world 'The Gambler,' 'Lady' and 'Lucille' has no plans to retire from performing as long as he continues to enjoy it.

"Cold turkey would really hurt me," he says. "I'm in such a great position in my life. I'm in a position to sign enough autographs to satisfy my ego but not enough to invade my privacy, and that's a wonderful place to be. If I was (big) in today's market with photographers doing what they do, I don't know if I would survive because I'm too sensitive."