This week, Gretchen Wilson heads back to her roots when she launches her I Got Your Country Right Here club tour which will hit a total of 18 cities. The performances will be in small venues where fans can "hear it before you buy it" as they get the opportunity to experience music from the 'Redneck Woman''s fourth studio album also titled 'I Got Your Country Right Here.'

"This is where I started," the former bartender turned singer says of the bars and small clubs where she honed her craft before landing her major-label record deal in Nashville. "There's nothing like the immediate feedback you get from the fans when they're just a few feet away."

Gretchen's also going back to her pre-major-label days with the release of the new album. It's on her own Redneck Records label, which she launched last year. The tour kicks off Wednesday (Feb. 10) at Mavericks at the Landing in Jacksonville, Fla. and run through March 20 at Knuckleheads in Norfork, Va.