Gretchen Wilson, who recently left the Sony Music label to start her own Redneck Records, has hit the ground running. Or, should we say driving? The singer just released a new single, 'Work Hard, Play Harder,' which will be used as part of the NASCAR Ford 400 season-finale Sprint Cup race.

"This is a perfect song for racing, because NASCAR fans really do work hard and play harder," Gretchen says. "It's an anthem for working-class people, and especially working females like myself." Written by Gretchen, along with John Rich and Vicky McGehee, the song has become her own personal mantra.

"I love to be able to work my butt off in the studio and then go out there and hit four nights in a row on tour, then come back here again to the record company and make four or five decisions," Gretchen tells The Boot. Then I want to go home and play tickle on the couch with my little girl. And maybe that's my 'play harder.' I work my butt off so that I can have that time."

The song is from Gretchen's Redneck Records debut, 'I Got Your Country Right Here,' set to hit stores early next year.