Chances are good that you'll find yourself tapping your toes along to today's Grace & Tony Greenroom Session. Their cover of the Traveling Wilburys' 'End of the Line', featuring Nashville-based Americana band Humming House, is simply infectious.

"We had a wonderful time on this session, and I will have to say that Humming House was the most professional and prepared group we have ever worked with," Tony tells The Boot. "They had learned the song and assigned vocal parts for the entire piece, so we take no credit on this one. They even suggested the train in Centennial Park in Nashville as a tribute to this song's beautiful video."

The tune is also good for showcasing a large group's talents.

"It was a great song for a lot of lead singers," Tony says of 'End of the Line.' "Plus it was written by the most talented band ever ... Any time you get to channel your inner Wilbury, it makes for a good time."

Humming House's upbeat demeanor helped contribute to the fun too.

"I'm sure some people wonder, 'Are they really THAT happy all the time?' after seeing Humming House perform," Tony says. "The answer is yes, and it's contagious."

The Boot will have another installment of the Greenroom Sessions up on Aug. 15.