Country quartet Gloriana have enjoyed a jam-packed schedule since they burst onto the music scene with their debut hit, 'Wild at Heart,' last year. But the bandmates, now hard at work on their sophomore album, are still carving out time in their schedule to spread a little goodwill.

Gloriana, comprised of brothers Mike and Tom Gossin, Cheyenne Kimball and Rachel Reinhart, just returned from performing six dates in Europe and the Middle East as part of a Navy Entertainment tour. "I'm simply in awe; as a civilian this is an experience of a lifetime," Mike Gossin says. "And to have the opportunity to fly out here is amazing. It's like a roller coaster ride. I love it."

"The troops out here are defending our country and making it possible for us as a band to do what we do back in the United States," Tom adds. "We love to show our appreciation and just getting the chance to come out here and give back is a really cool and memorable experience."

Gloriana, who performed for the service men and women as part of Navy Entertainment's ongoing efforts to support the morale of sailors and Marines during deployment, were joined by the band Rushlow for the six dates. And even though it took some work to hammer out the details of the trip, they say hitting the road -- or the air -- is the easy part for them now.

"We've definitely gotten used to traveling," Tom tells The Boot. "It's almost like when you get a puppy, housebreaking a dog or something. As a human, when you've always lived in a house and had a bed and a shower and all these things, it takes a long time to get used to accepting that it's not going to be the way it is, so I think we've all gotten into that head space where we can travel all the time."

The group will spend the next few weeks focusing on their new album, before heading to Arizona for a couple of shows. Find their schedule here.