GlorianaGloriana is nominated for T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist of the Year at Sunday night's American Music Awards, going up against Lady Gaga, Kid Cudi and Keri Hilson. The band tells The Boot they're thrilled to be nominated in the multi-genre category, and they hope to take home the trophy as a sign of country's growing popularity.

"We're going to be representing country -- we're very, very proud of that," says Mike Gossin. "It's kind of like an award that's a battle of the genres, so we need to bring this award home for country."

Cheyenne Kimball reveals where she was when she -- and those around her! -- heard the news. "I was at the bank and my mom called me and this poor lady who was helping me out at the bank, I answered the phone and my mom told me and I was like, 'Shut up! Shut up!' I was yelling this at the phone and this lady was totally weirded out by me!"

"I actually found out from your mom, too," adds Tom Gossin. "From your mom's Facebook page, literally. I saw it up there first. We're [Facebook] friends, by the way, me and your mom."

Although the news came with a few of those lighter moments, the band definitely doesn't take the nomination lightly, considering their competition in the preliminary rounds. "We've really got to thank the fans for that one, being as how we were up against Zac Brown," says Mike. "We're big fans of his and we beat him, and he sold a million records and had three No. 1s, so we want to thank the fans for standing behind us and supporting us ... we owe it to them."

The American Music Awards will air Sunday, Nov. 22, on ABC.