Last month, after news broke that George Strait had become a first-time grandpa, we here at The Boot speculated that his son, George Jr., aka Bubba, might name his little boy George III. At the time, even George Sr. didn't know, but as it turns out, we were right.

In an interview with Lon Helton of Country Countdown USA, the King of Country revealed that Bubba and his wife, Tamara, have opted to keep the family name going -- even though they're calling the tyke by his middle name, Harvey.

"He's a 'third,'" George told Lon. "Just saw him yesterday, he's really growing, and I think they're gonna call him Harvey. It's kind of sticking. That's my middle name, and that's what we're calling him. George Harvey Strait III."

George added that he's "so proud" of his son -- a celebrated songwriter who might now have more waking hours to work on composing country tunes.

"I kept telling Bubba how much their lives were gonna change, and they're realizing it now," George said. "Their sleeping habits have changed drastically, but he's a pretty good boy. He's sleeping pretty good."