George JonesGeorge Jones has sustained his career in country music for six spectacular decades. But of all his career milestones, accolades and achievements, one simple thing stands out -- when legendary songwriters Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman brought him a song called 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.'

"I'm very proud of a lot of things here lately," George tells The Boot. "The Kennedy Awards and of course the Hall of Fame in country music -- just so many good things that I'm proud that have happened to me, but getting a song like that [is the greatest of all]."

Year after year on list after list, the tune is named the best country song of all time, and this year is no different.

"I found out that CMT voted on it again last night as the all-time country song," George says proudly. "It must have moved a lot of people, that's all I can say!"

The tender ballad with a memorable recitation has won CMA and ACM Awards, a Grammy, and is listed in the Library of Congress National recording Registry. It's the song's powerful message -- something that people of all ages can relate to, that George feels has made such an impact since its release in 1980.

"We all in our lifetime lose a loved one," George says. "A lot of times it's a mother or dad or grandma or grandpa that we usually lose, and that's really hard on the older people to lose someone that's close and they've spent so many years together with. I think that's why this song is so great. It's happened to so many people. It will always be that way. I think it will be a standard-type song in country music. There will probably be different versions of it coming out throughout the future."

The song is also featured on George Jones: 'A Collection of My Best Recollection,' available at Cracker barrel Old Country Stores.