George JonesGeorge Jones has been called the "Rolls-Royce of country singers" throughout his decades-long career, but apparently there is one skill the singer has never quite mastered.

"I kinda wish I had learned to play the guitar better," he tells Georgia's Albany Herald newspaper. "My band finally took mine away from me because they said I was messing them up. Other than that, I could never ask for more. I have been very blessed."

His reputation as No-Show Jones will probably follow him forever, and George admits most of the stories from that era are accurate, although they do get exaggerated with time. "Unfortunately, most of them, I guess, are true, but I probably haven't heard all of them. There has definitely been a lot of embellishment over the years. As Faron Young once said, 'You can't sling a cat by his tail and not hit someone who has a story about me or Jones.'"

George still plays about 100 shows a year and says although the music business has changed over the years and he doesn't get radio airplay, he still makes his music his way, and is grateful fans continue buy it at his concerts and over the Internet.

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