George JonesGeorge Jones, who turned 78 in September, is still going strong after five decades of making music. Earlier this year, the legend released his latest project, 'A Collection of My Best Recollection,' exclusively through Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores and he's back at work on another album. Plus, he continues to perform several shows a year. How does he do it?

"I still got the fire for it," George tells The Boot with a grin.

The only thing that does slow The Possum down in terms of singing is allergies, but George works closely with his doctor to make sure he stays on top of the situation.

"I have a bad case of the allergies. You get those things as you get older," he says. "We've been having a rough time with allergies. I'm having to take shots every month. I have a doctor in Ohio that's treating me for these things with a new idea that recently came out for doctors. I'm hoping that it works good for me. We're going to get my voice back in real good shape before we go in to record the songs over again for the new album. When we do, that's when we'll have it out!"

George has wrapped up his touring for 2009 and is getting ready to spread a little Christmas cheer by inviting the public to an open-house event at his elaborately decorated farm south of Nashville this Friday (Dec. 18).