George Jones' latest CD is a compilation of previously unreleased duets titled 'Burn Your Playhouse Down.' And now the 77-year-old Country Music Hall of Fame member has announced plans for another playhouse.

Jones will scale back his touring schedule over the next year, to focus on building a country music attraction in Dothan, Alabama, that will include an 11,000-seat amphitheater, museum and casino. He also plans to build a home in the area.

"It's going to be bigger than Branson," Jones tells The Orlando Sentinel. "It's going to have everything in the world down there, all kinds of restaurants and things."

And although he now plays less than 100 dates a year, Jones has no plans to give up on the music he's been making for more than 55 years.

"I could never get tired of singing country music. Believe it or not, and a lot of people in Nashville don't know it or believe it, but there have been big crowds," he says of his concert appearances.

The legendary singer isn't shy when it comes to expressing his opinions on modern country music.

"This new country needs to find a new title and quit stepping on country music like it's a steppingstone," Jones says. "Country music is country music, and if they want to do something else, then find a new title. It breaks my heart because I know country music the way it's supposed to be."

Lamenting that "the dollar signs have moved into the business and they took over," Jones adds, "They have cut out all the older people. Anybody past 40 or 45, they don't get to hear traditional country music anymore. It's mostly teenagers, and I love 'em because they are our kids, but everybody knows that it's one thing's here today and it's gone tomorrow."

On December 7, George Jones will be among the artists recognized at the 31st annual Kennedy Center Honors.