Katherine Walker is not allowed anywhere near Gary Allan ... ever. A permanent restraining order was issued Monday against the 47-year-old Nashville resident, as she was found guilty on charges of stalking the country singer.

Walker was arrested on May 4 after burglarizing and vandalizing Allan's Hendersonville, Tenn., home. Among other antics, she was caught breaking a window, throwing potted plants outside the house and tossing patio furniture into the pool. Allan claims the woman had been stalking and harassing him for four years.

Representing herself in court Monday, Walker took the stand insisting she was the real victim. She claimed Allan was the one stalking her, calling her up to ten times per day, emailing her incessantly and even bugging her phones. The singer scoffed at those accusations.

"You scare me," Allan said directly to his stalker. "I've never talked to you. I've never read your e-mails."

"How could our perceptions be so different?" Walker asked while cross-examining Allan, according to Nashville's Tennessean newspaper.

"I am baffled by that myself," Allan answered. "Anyone that wants to hurt you or violate your home is scary ... It freaks me out that you come to my house at all."

The restraining order against Walker was placed into effect immediately. While Allan's civil suit now comes to a close, Walker still faces an arraignment for criminal charges.