Gary AllanGary Allan's Get Off on the Pain Tour kicked off Wednesday (Oct. 14) at Chicago's House of Blues. The country-rocker will stop in 25 cities across the country before the end of the year.

When Gary called in to Jeff Foxworthy's country countdown show this week, he confessed to Jeff that he was calling from his back porch at home in Nashville, wearing UGG boots, Christmas pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.

"There's the Christmas album cover," laughed Jeff.

Gary's tour is sponsored by the House of Blues -- a series of venues he feels are perfect for his shows. "They're dark, they're intimate," says Gary. "When they're smaller shows like that, I do more acoustic stuff and try to make it more intimate.

"We're thinking about having somebody get tattooed on the stage every show," he continues with a laugh. "It'll go perfect with 'Get Off on the Pain.' We'll make a video out of all the people who got tattooed in the House of Blues."

Gary's new single is called 'Today.' "It's one of those songs that you missed it with that girl, that's the girl you always thought you should have (been) with and you let her slip through your fingers and now she is happy as hell and doesn't think about you ever," he joked with Jeff, to which the radio host responded, "And we've all got one of those girls in our past!"

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