Gary Allan is enjoying his Get Off on the Pain tour so much, he's decided to add several more show dates. The singer recently announced he would extend the trek, which includes buddies Randy Houser and Jerrod Niemann, through November.

"We had a blast earlier this year on the road and we're fired up about headlining larger stages," Gary says. "I've always wanted to take my time to build things slow, and the timing just feels right to make that leap now. We've got Live Nation on board and a string of sold out shows behind us ... we're in a pretty good spot."

In addition to performing his solo tour, Gary also went out with Brooks & Dunn as part of their Last Rodeo tour. And the multi-platinum-selling singer couldn't have been happier to have the gig. "I've learned so much from them, from not only show stuff, but how to treat people that you're touring with," he tells The Boot. "I know a lot of acts, when you tour with them, there's a ton of rules -- you can't walk down on this ramp and you can't step on this speaker and you can't look at this light and whatever their story is. With Brooks & Dunn, it was just always, 'You get out there and rock and have a good time.'"

Gary, who also performed with the retiring duo's Neon Circus tour several years ago, was so appreciative of their invitation to be part of their farewell tour, he bought a huge banner that ran the length of one of Brooks & Dunn's buses, and hung it after his final Last Rodeo show. "Thanks for having us on 82 shows over the past 10 years," the banner read. "You guys are the gold standard of how it should be done. If we ever grow up, we want to be just like you guys."

Gary's latest single, also titled 'Get Off on the Pain,' recently made its way into the Top 20 on the country charts. Find Gary's upcoming tour dates here.

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