The notoriously unassuming Gary Allan doesn't demand his own tour bus. After more than a decade of success in the business, he still rides with his band and crew. He's just not responsible for keeping up with them.

"We lost one guy at a truck stop on the way back to Nashville, and we didn't realize we lost him till about a hundred miles out from home," Allan confesses to Dial-Global. "We'd left him like 800 miles out from home and he had hitched a ride with a trucker and headed to Nashville and caught up to us."

But the abandoned crew member couldn't complain. Apparently it was his own fault, for failing to follow the bus rules.

"He got off in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom," Allan explains. "And when you get off a tour bus you need to put something in the driver's seat. That's the code."

Allan just wrapped up a stint on the road with Kenny Chesney in the wildly successful 'Poets and Pirates' tour. His August and September calendar is packed with performances at state fairs across the country. Check TourTracker for dates.