Garth Brooks is undoubtedly a musical idol for millions of fans, but it turns out he's a fan of a couple artists as well.

"James Taylor's 'New Moonshine,'" Brooks reveals on the 'Today' show as one of his favorite albums. "George Strait's 'Strait Country' just was fantastic. I think I've worn that thing out. I bought it in eight-track, album, cassette and CD."

Brooks was on all four hours of 'Today,' marking the first time in the show's 62-year history that one artist has appeared in each hour.

The Oklahoma native released his latest album, 'Man Against the Machine,' last November. In addition to it being his first album of new material since 2001's 'Scarecrow,' it was also the first time one of his albums has been released digitally, via his own GhostTunes.

“When I decided it was time to ‘go digital,’ I didn’t find an existing way that really fit how I wanted to do it,” Brooks, who dislikes the single-song format of iTunes, explains. “I shared my dream with some amazing minds and together have created something really special — GhostTunes. This is a site that treats music with the utmost respect, where our job every day is to offer music the way the artists want to share it to the listeners who live for and love it. That’s a job I hope I can do every day.”

Download all of Brooks' albums here.

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