It's one of the music industry's most contentious topics: streaming music. The concept has placed music into the ears of millions of fans, but the low (if not nonexistent) income that artists and songwriters receive for their music has caused artists such as Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean, among others, to take a stand against the practice. Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, however, are hopeful about the practice, and eager to find a solution that is equitable for everyone.

"I personally love it," Hubbard recently told The Boot and other reporters. "I think, any way to get the music out to the people, let’s do it. The music industry is exciting, and it’s always evolving. As soon as we think we’ve got it figured out and everybody’s making money, guess what? We don’t, and everybody’s broke again."

Still, the FGL guys acknowledge that better business practices need to be in place so that artists aren't giving away their music for free.

"I think we’re slowly figuring out how the streaming is going to benefit a lot of us, songwriters included," Hubbard continues. "I know there’s an equation to figuring it all out, and everybody’s kind of been working at it over the last few years and are kind of scared of it. But I think it’s something we should embrace and something that we should evolve with and kind of re-mold the business model to make it benefit us."

Florida Georgia Line's latest album, Dig Your Roots, is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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