Florida Georgia Line have had eight consecutive No. 1 hit singles, and they're hoping to keep the momentum going with their latest single, "Anything Goes." The song is the fourth single from and title track of their sophomore album.

Anything Goes' debut single, "Dirt," became FGL's sixth platinum-selling hit, but the duo, made up of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, says that they are more concerned with putting out good music than chart positions or sales achievements.

“We’re really excited about what we’ve learned on this journey ..." Hubbard says. "Anything Goes is a natural progression of where we’re at and what we’ve learned getting here."

Adds Kelley, “We’re country to the core but we like to incorporate our influences, have a good time and keep it fresh."

The guys, considered by many to be the faces of the "bro-country" movement that is dominating the charts while simultaneously being criticized by some, insist that they aren't interested in how people classify their music.

"As long as people are showin’ up, lovin’ our music, having an experience, and we’re creating moments they’re not gonna forget, and they’re livin’ out our music night after night, we’re blessed as can be, man," Kelley maintains. “There’s no label that can really hurt our feelings.

"Some people say that may be a negative thing, bro-country," he adds, "but every night we look out, we see thousands and thousands of fans that are happy and partying and enjoying.”

Florida Georgia Line, who recently launched their own Tree Vibez Music publishing company, are currently on their 2015 Anything Goes Tour. Find a complete list of upcoming dates on their website.

Listen to Florida Georgia Line, "Anything Goes":

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