As Kenny Chesney prepares for the June 2 launch of his Brother of the Sun tour with Tim McGraw, he reflects on the pair's record-breaking single, "Feel Like a Rock Star," and how relatable it is to his fans and to the vibe of his summer tours.

"It describes my fan base to a 't' because my road family, we have always worked very hard, but we've always lived by the theory of we work really hard and play harder," Kenny explains. "It seemed to work for us. I think that defines a lot of the people that have spent a lot of summers with us out there on the road. The first time I heard 'Feel Like a Rock Star,' I knew I was gonna record it because it defined everything that we're about out there on the road."

And he would certainly know. Half the fun of being on stage is watching the audience. "We see a lot of people out there that are letting loose, having fun, and 'Feel Like a Rock Star' describes them," Kenny continues, "but it also describes a thing that has turned into less of a show and more of an event, and that's our world out there."

While the multi-platinum-selling star depicted his own "rock star" lifestyle in the 2006 hit "Living in Fast Forward," his new song is just as relatable to his fans as it is to himself.

"'Feel Like a Rock Star' is completely non-judgmental because everybody does things different," he acknowledges, "Everybody has their way of living like a rock star or stepping outside of themselves to do whatever it is that makes them happy on a Friday and Saturday night. And it can be a wide range of things [laughs], and trust me, we see that from the stage. It's an eclectic bunch we have out there, and they do eclectic things to have fun, and that's what makes our show very unpredictable every night from our point of view."

In addition to the tour, June brings a new album for the Tennessee native. Welcome to the Fishbowl, which includes "Feel Like a Rock Star," comes out June 19. You can pre-order the album here.

Watch Kenny & Tim's 'Feel Like a Rock Star' Video