A recent Carrie Underwood concert in Yakima, Wash. was the site of alleged violence. Concert-goer Victoria Shay told the television station KNDO/KNDU that Underwood's show at the Sundome "was supposed to be a girls' night out" for her family, but things got a bit out of hand. Shay said that the girls sitting in front of her and her family "were getting noticeably drunker and drunker," and one of the girls fell back into Shay's sister.

"It was just a gut feeling that this was going to go bad and it was going to go fast," Shay said.

Security guards refused to leave their posts to assist the family until Shay's mother was unconscious and the two girls were on top of her sister and sister-in-law. Once the fight was broken up, the girls left the venue before the family could file charges against them.

The Shay family intends to search for the girls who allegedly assaulted them and take legal action against the Sundome and Starplex Crowd Management.