Eric Durrance is issuing a personal initiative to all Americans to 'Turn It Off' on Saturday, November 29, in observance of National Family Week. The country newcomer is calling on families to focus on enjoying each other's company, by turning off such electronics as televisions, iPods, cell phones and computers.

While the motivation for this idea arrived from his song, 'Turn It Off,' Durrance explains that he got the idea while doing radio interviews during CMA week.

"The more I talked with them, the more I thought, 'How wonderful would it be just to turn everything off -- all those things that are a distraction or an interruption from valuable, quality time that could be spent with those you love?" he says.

"Instead of huddling around the television or sitting in front of a computer ... or spending countless minutes on cell phones, talking or texting, what if we sat on the front porch with family, or in front of the fireplace in the dark visiting with friends, or hand-wrote a love note to a companion, or played a board game with a group of people? We've gotten so far away from being a social community, if we all took the time to physically communicate and spent time with one another, with heart, care and concentration, and without interruption, for just one day, think of what this would mean for not only the health and growth of our families, but for the entire country."

Durrance hopes to make this an annual American tradition, with every Saturday following the Thanksgiving holiday deemed 'Turn It Off' Day.

"I'm in hopes that this will catch on with families, friends, area and community leaders, and policy makes, and we all will consider this as an opportunity to just engage with one another."