The lead singer of the Eli Young Band is not named Eli Young. But frontman Mike Eli doesn't mind if you call him that.

"We get it all the time, and I think we're gonna get it until the end of time," Mike tells The Boot, explaining that he's often called Eli by fans who don't know that the band's name is actually a combination of his and guitarist James Young's names. "But hopefully more and more people that know of us and know our music, they know the story, too ..."

"Our biggest fans want to defend the fact that there's four of us," adds bass guitarist Jon Jones. "We're in the situation a lot where one person makes that mistake, and they get jumped on really quickly by our fans!"

The Eli Young Band have been described as having the fastest growing fan base in country music, largely due to their electrifying concerts. Mike says they connect with their live audience simply by being themselves and having fun.

"I think there's something real and honest about being on stage," says the Texas-bred frontman. "We don't get up there and try to give the fans something that doesn't define us. We get up there and have a great time."

"We're four guys up there just playing the music we wrote and hoping it connects to the audience," adds James.

Those four guys have a packed tour schedule this summer. Click here for Eli Young Band tour dates.