The Eli Young Band spoofed themselves and their somewhat confusing band name in a hilarious video that preceded their recent performance for thousands of radio programmers at the New Faces Show last Friday night (Feb. 24) during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. (Watch the video below.)

In the laugh-out-loud clip, the band members are chilling backstage when they decide to order pizza. But they get some unexpected flack from the pizza delivery guy, who claims he is the "real" Eli Young and they have stolen his name.

The delivery man explains that he's sick and tired of being confused with the band, as evidenced by the many customers shown crooning the band's chart-topping 'Crazy Girl' to him as he delivers their pizzas. By the time he's face to face with the band he vents his frustration.

"Hey, this pizza box says 'No pizza for name stealers,'" says EYB's Chris Thompson, as he opens the empty box. With an angry glare, "Eli Young" responds, "Yeah, that's right, name stealers!"

"Now wait a minute ... we named the band the Eli Young Band because my name is Mike Eli and that's James Young," explains EYB's lead singer Mike.

"Very original," the pizza guy shoots back sarcastically, pointing to the other two members of the band. "What's the deal with these two guys, they don't have last names?"

"Yeah ... Jones Thompson. Hmm ... the Jones Thompson Band," answers EYB's Jon Jones, pondering the possibility of band-name change.

"Nah, don't think it's got a ring to it. Sorry boys," adds the pizza-peddler, who later in the clip produces a driver's license that reveals his first name is actually the equally-problematic Neil. The five eventually decide to fight for the rights to the name -- or the pepperoni pizza -- in a heated foot race, with some laugh-out-loud results.

The still-known-as Eli Young Band is back to serious business this weekend with a show tonight (March 2) in Burgettstown,Pa., followed by performances in New York City. They're also gearing up for a huge tour this summer as part of Rascal Flatts' American Band tour, which kicks off June 15. Keep track of their tour schedule here.

Watch Eli Young Band Meet 'Eli Young'