Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry are known as a duo that likes to have fun. Montgomery is quick to point out that he learned early in life where the party crowd was.

"I remember playing with my mom and dad when they were playing nightclubs when I was a little kid," he recalls. "Growing up in the nightclubs, I remember there was always a pool table and always that guy that had that ball cap pulled down and that cigarette in the corner of his mouth, holding a pool stick with the ashes real long on the end of the cigarette and his eye about half closed with the smoke going in it."

Montgomery pauses to explain those memories are why he can identify with the duo's new single, 'One In Every Crowd.' "That was always the guy who would be telling you all about life and what it takes to make it," he says. "If you're going in bars, you're always gonna find that guy."

'One in Every Crowd,' is the third release from Montgomery Gentry's album, 'Back When I Knew It All.' The duo is in the middle of a Canadian tour this week before heading to a few stadium gigs with Kenny Chesney, starting on June 6.