Eddie MontgomeryEddie Montgomery of the hit duo Montgomery Gentry will realize another dream come true this fall when he opens the doors to his own restaurant in Harrodsburg, Ky. Called Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse, the 16,000 square foot log-structured restaurant will seat 265 people, and will specialize in premium steaks. According to AllAboutCountry.com, the establishment will have a lodge feel to it, with stone fireplaces, waterfalls, and a stage to showcase musicians.

"Live music has kind of gone away and I want to help bring it back. This has always been a dream of mine," says Eddie.

Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse is part of a Montgomery and Mitchell development called Skylar's Landing -- named after Eddie's granddaughter. In addition to Eddie's signature restaurant, the 40-acre commercial development will offer a variety of shopping venues and commercial lots for sale for future development.

Above all, Eddie is excited to be able to give back to the area where he grew up, increasing job opportunities in his community and the surrounding area with the opening of the restaurant, and the on-going development of Skylar's Landing.

"This area, and Kentucky, and the Man upstairs have given so much to me, that I would just love to give a little bit back," Eddie notes. "I want to do something that everyone in the community can be proud of."

Harrodsburg, in central Kentucky, is the state's oldest city.