Dustin Lynch has released his latest single, 'Hell of a Night.' The song is the second single from his sophomore record, 'Where It's At,' which was released in September.

With lines like, "Show you a side of these two lanes you've never seen / Heating it up behind a high beam / Ooh, baby you and me, just a-running down crazy / Flying high, living careless, on the edge of wild and reckless / Hold on tight, I'm 'bout to show you one hell of a night," the rocking, up-tempo tune is part of the 15-track project, which aims to take his career in a new direction.

“I wanted it to have a little more energy than my first album,” Lynch explains. “There are a lot of moments where we really go for it energy-wise, with the live show in mind."

The 29-year-old modeled 'Where It's At' on lessons he learned from one of his former tour bosses.

"I learned that from watching Keith Urban every night," he adds. "All the songs on the record are moments I’ve captured and put down. They were inspired by my excitement for life. So ‘Where It’s At’ sounds pretty perfect.”

Lynch is currently on the road as the headliner for the Taste of Country Christmas Tour. Download 'Hell of a Night' here.