Sony Music announced last month that they were releasing a Doobie Brothers tribute album, with artists like Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, the Zac Brown Band and several others contributing songs on the project. David Huff is producing the album, which will include the legendary band performing with the country artists on several of their biggest hits.

“We’re very excited about this tribute to the Doobie Brothers, and watching David at work in the studio has only added to the anticipation," Sony's VP of A&R says. "His talent in re-imagining these classic hits is incredible. David has done a stellar job working with each of these amazing artists and creating a great energy for the Doobies and everyone involved.”

The new album will also include the return of Michael McDonald, who left the group in 1982 to pursue solo interests.

“It is so exciting to have Michael on this project,” Huff says. “He heard what we were doing and immediately wanted to be a part.”

Huff, who has worked as a producer, solo artist and studio musician, says it was an easy decision for him to honor the iconic group.

“The Doobie Brothers are such an important band in the history of music," he notes. "The hits transcend time, so with this new collection we are just adding modern production and collaborations with the country stars.”

Huff brought in his brother, renowned producer Dann Huff, to co-produce four songs on the record.

“My brother is incredible as most of the country world knows,” Huff says of his sibling. “We have been making music together almost our whole lives. I could not be more thrilled to bring him on to the Doobies with me.”

Sony Music plans to release  the album in 2014.