Would Dolly Parton ever do a reality competition show? Well, there was a lot of chatter recently surrounding the next season of "American Idol" and who would fill the open judges slot, which eventually went to Keith Urban. While the country icon says she's also been offered that job -- and another -- there is only one competition show she'd consider doing.

"I've been asked to do 'American Idol' and 'X Factor' almost every time they do a new series but turned them down," Dolly tells Britian's Daily Star. "But I could imagine myself doing 'The Voice.' It's a wonderful show because you don't have to judge that much, and I hesitate to judge people."

The singer-songwriter-actress-philanthropist adds, "Being successful means I can pick and choose the projects I like."

She may have the opportunity pretty soon. The show's schedule has proven difficult on the current judges of "The Voice." "At some point something's got to give," Blake Shelton said during a press conference at this year's CMA Music Festival. "I've been very vocal with the network and Mark Burnett's production company that I don't like it. They need to think about what the [taping schedule] means to all of us."

Blake's fellow "Voice" coaches Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera couldn't fit the upcoming spring season into their busy schedules, temporarily turning over their big red chairs to Usher and Shakira.

Whether it's "The Voice" on her agenda next, another book, album or Broadway show, Dolly loves staying busy and won't be hanging up her wigs anytime soon. "I still need to work – I have a big family to ­support," explains the superstar, who has 11 siblings. "Nobody ever makes that much money, not the kind of money I spend anyway!"

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