The Dixie Chicks will reunite for a one-night, all-star concert to raise funds for the victims of the Central Texas wildfires. Fire Relief: The Concert for Central Texas will take place Oct, 17 at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin.

Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett and Asleep at the Wheel have also joined the bill. Kyle Chandler, the Emmy-winning star of 'Friday Night Lights,' will host.

The summer fires reportedly destroyed more homes than any wildfire in Texas history, swallowing 34,000 acres of land and more than 1,500 homes. All of the concert's proceeds will go towards the Central Texas Wildfire Fund at the Austin Community Foundation, which will aid those who suffered an estimated $250 million in damages.

The October event will also feature guest appearances by Shawn Colvin, Steve Miller and, of course, the Court Yard Hounds (two-thirds of the Dixie Chicks). Buy your tickets here.

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