The Dixie Chicks are no strangers to controversy, and the last thing the ladies are going to do is keep their mouths shut, thank you very much. Instead, the trio of country divas will not only gab about the infamous 2003 presidential diss by singer Natalie Maines, they'll also document all of the hullabaloo on film and choose a rather tongue-in-cheek title: 'Shut Up and Sing.'

The film, released to theaters tomorrow, is directed by Oscar-winning documentary veteran Barbara Kopple, who made 'Harlan Country U.S.A.' and 'Wild Man Blues,' the latter about Woody Allen's moonlighting gig as a Dixieland clarinetist. "Films don't influence elections. People have to," Kopple told the Associated Press. "If there's something they see in a particular film, maybe they'll explore it further. If it hits at just the right spot, they may go out and help to change something."

Michael Moore must be proud.