Dixie Chicks fiddle player and co-founder Martie Maguire is expecting her third child. The 38-year-old announced she's having another girl. She and husband Gareth Maguire already have twin girls, Eva Ruth and Kathleen Emilie, who were born in April 2004.

"I'm feeling good now, although I wasn't," Maguire told PEOPLE magazine Sunday at the Nobelity Artists and Filmmakers dinner. "Carrying one instead of two will be much easier!"

The newest Maguire will be the eighth Dixie Chick baby. Lead singer Natalie Maines Pasdar has two sons, and guitarist/banjo player Emily Robison has two sons and a daughter.

"We'll have to move over and let the little chicks take over," Maguire jokes. "We've got a new band!"