The 'party' part of Brad Paisley's Paisley Party Tour is sometimes at the expense of his tourmates. Paisley is notorious for playing pranks on his buddies -- from hiding smelly raw chicken in Blake Shelton's bus to kidnapping Jack Ingram and putting him in a cage. (The list goes on and on.) So now that Dierks Bentley has signed up for an opening slot on the tour, is he weary of Paisley's prankster plans? No way.

"There's nothing you can throw at us that we can't take," Bentley tells The Boot. "We're ready for whatever Brad wants to bring. We're not worried about it!"

Besides, Bentley has played a few jokes on tourmates himself. And he knows payback's inevitable.

"We had a lot of fun at Miranda Lambert's expense," he recalls of one of his own favorite pranks. "We got a big bucket of ping pong balls up in the rafters, and throughout her whole first song we'd let them fall, two by two, on her head. They got us back by using dental floss and criss-crossing it through the entire inside of our bus. There was absolutely no way to get through this matrix of dental floss."

Bentley is set to release his fourth studio album, 'Feel That Fire,' on February 3. That's also the day you can see the debut of his live AOL Sessions performance. Come back here to The Boot on February 3 to read our full interview with the country superstar and watch him perform five brand-new songs in our studio.