Dierks Bentley prides himself in being a fan-friendly artist, often hanging out at tailgates before his own shows. And that's not just here in the U.S. Bentley says mingling with his international fans has been quite an eye-opener.

"I've learned so much more since having a chance to play in London, Ireland, Norway, France, Japan and Canada," he tells The Boot. "To get a chance to travel, sharing their culture and growing my perspective, I really see at the end of the day that we all come from the same world ... You learn a lot more about people than about music."

What Bentley learned was just how much influence American culture has on other countries.

"People love the West. They love that rugged individualism and pioneer spirit," says the Arizona native. "You go overseas and you've got guys wearing Wranglers and cowboy hats ... It's not just about country music. It's about what it represents -- more of Americana."

Bentley is currently on a two-week trek through Canada on the Paisley Party Tour.

Dierks Bentley Live Performance